New version available

I have been working on both programs lately. Following changes have been implemented:

A. Caller Toolbox

  1. New versions of the Scanner-program, the SD-Caller program and the database browser have been integrated into my program.
  2. The “shorthand program” (which means you can write SQ4 instead of Square thru 4) has been replaced. The old program is obviously no longer free. Now “Beeftext” is integrated into my program. Beeftext is public domain and works even better than the old program.
  3. The functionality to take over data from the SD-program has been improved. You now call that function; start SD from there and enter a sequence. As soon as you write this sequence in SD my program takes over and presents that sequence for further handling in my program. You then can store the sequence in my database
  4. I have created a new website with the Callerlab definitions and their German translation. You find it underĀ http:\\\definition . As described there you can also download and install it as a local webserver (without Internet connection). If you copy the download to the \webserver directory beneath theĀ  main program directory there will be a button to start the webserver in the Toolbox. You may also point the Toolbox to any other directory where you copied the webserver download (e.g. “webserver – webserver : c:\webserver\unicontroller.exe”)
  5. The database functions have been extended: You now can Backup and Restore you databases. Also a database compression is possible.

B. Karaoke for Caller

  1. The functionality of the Tipmaker has been integrated into the Karaoke for Callers program. Now it is possible to view the sequences in Tipmaker and in parallel work with the music (Patter or Singing).
  2. Die old Callerlab definitions were removed from the program and are now integrated into the Toolbox program.

C. Combined installation

In future there will be a single installation program only. Both programs will be installed. As I see the Karaoke Player as just another tool that you can use (or not) it is installed regardless wheter you use it or not.

What do you find here?

In 2005 I wrote my first Computerprogram for Callers. I had started to use a Computer instead of Mini-Discs and was searching for a good program to support my calling

At that time I believed that SQVIEW (which nowadays is the most used program worldwide) was lacking some features I desired. Another program – Caller-Caddy – that was used often in Germany then also had some things I liked, but others that I did not find good enough.

I decided to use my skills as programmer to write my own program. The result is “Karaoke for Callers”. Some ideas from both programs mentioned were used – e.g. usage of a database for storing information and usage of tabs like in SQVIEW.

My own idea: Use kind of Karaoke function in the music player. I store all the Lyrics within the MP3-files (or in a separate .LRC file) and the program highlights a line of text while playing the song. By this you always can follow the Lyrics on screen.

I also did a lot of experimenting to display sequences (or modules or snippets or whatever you call a row of calls) while playing patter music. The goal was also to maintain these sequences on the computer and to make the re-usable.

After retirement from my daytime job I had time and ideas enough to implement something that suits me. The result is a second program called “Callertoolbox”. With this program I can maintain all the snippets that I have “researched” from Internet and other sources. You can put these sequences together into “Tips”. Then you can print them or display them during calling on screen.

Both programs have a number of additional features which I will describe on these pages. The blog will give hints on new developements and Features.