The CallerToolBox is a collections of programs, which offers the caller some tools for his/her work.

The most important functions of the program are:

  • Maintenance of sequences (modules/calls) = Choreo management
  • Combine sequences into tips = tip management
  • Re-use Tips (on paper or online while calling)
  • Definition of a square dance syntax and teaching order to unify commands and spelling
  • Shows designators (heads, girls) and calls in different colors
  • File-Viewer for PDF, Word, Excel, RTF, TXT and various video and image formats
  • Music-Player that shows text (lyrics) synchronized with music (=Karaoke for Callers)
  • Synchronize music and singing call text (Lyricsmaker)
  • Start external programs for start-screen
    • SQVIEW
    • Database Editor
    • NAPS (Scanner utility)
    • Beeftext (Short hand for faster writing – eg. sq4=Square thru 4)
    • AIMP
    • Kompozer
    • Audacity
  • Interfaces (Send data to or take data over from) with
    • Taminations (all Sequenzen can be animated in Taminations¬† – requires Internet access)
    • SD (a Caller’s helper by Bill Ackerman)
    • Callarama (only Cut/Paste)

This website documents these programs in detail, informs about changes and tips and tricks and offers the program for download