Following Files can be loaded:


Instructions for users PRE Version 5.5:

Unfortunately you have to re-install the program completely. In future this will no longer be necessary. Please follow these steps:

  1. Make a backup of all .db files (should be 3: CallerToolBox.db, SDLanguage.db and KaraokeCaller.db).
  2. De-install the existing program using the Control Center. If there is no entry please delete the existing directory with the program files completely (You have done Step 1? Haven’t you?)
  3. Install the new version 5.5 (next button)
  4. Restore your .db files (Step 1) to (normally C:\CallerToolBox\DATA). You have to overwrite existing files (or you may rename the existing files for later use).
  5. Now the new version is installed and you have your data back. If you prefer to start with a fresh version using my data – just skip step 4.
  6. In future there is a menu-item to automatically install new versions and maintain your data.

The Installation File for the CallerToolBox. It includes all programs. Please load the .EXE file and install it in a directory of your choice. Regarding virus protection read the documentation.                            Download


Folling is the documentation in PDF-Format:

CallerToolBox: Download

Karaoke für Caller:  Download