What do you find here?

In 2005 I wrote my first Computerprogram for Callers. I had started to use a Computer instead of Mini-Discs and was searching for a good program to support my calling

At that time I believed that SQVIEW (which nowadays is the most used program worldwide) was lacking some features I desired. Another program – Caller-Caddy – that was used often in Germany then also had some things I liked, but others that I did not find good enough.

I decided to use my skills as programmer to write my own program. The result is “Karaoke for Callers”. Some ideas from both programs mentioned were used – e.g. usage of a database for storing information and usage of tabs like in SQVIEW.

My own idea: Use kind of Karaoke function in the music player. I store all the Lyrics within the MP3-files (or in a separate .LRC file) and the program highlights a line of text while playing the song. By this you always can follow the Lyrics on screen.

I also did a lot of experimenting to display sequences (or modules or snippets or whatever you call a row of calls) while playing patter music. The goal was also to maintain these sequences on the computer and to make the re-usable.

After retirement from my daytime job I had time and ideas enough to implement something that suits me. The result is a second program called “Callertoolbox”. With this program I can maintain all the snippets that I have “researched” from Internet and other sources. You can put these sequences together into “Tips”. Then you can print them or display them during calling on screen.

Both programs have a number of additional features which I will describe on these pages. The blog will give hints on new developements and Features.


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