This video shows how to download the program from my homepage. Each browser is a litte different. So  it is shown for:

  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Internet Explorer
  • Edge (latest version Windows 10 – 2004)

Then the installation program is started and I comment on possible problems with virus scanners.

Here is the download link from Google Drive: 01 Installation English.mp4

If you already installed an older version of my program (PRE 5.5) you have 2 options. First you may just delete the old version and install the new one. This is reasonable if you did NOT enter own data (no new sequences or tips).

Second you may want to keep your existing data. Then this video is for you. It shows in detail how to save your existing data and use it in the new system.

Download link: 02 Installation vor 55 English.mp4