External programs are programs that may be started from the startscreen. I have NOT programmed them. However they may be used without legal restrictions.

Some programs have to be downloaded and installed first. There is a function in the toolbox to do this.

The video briefly explains each program:

  • Ableword – a wordprocessor capable of handling Word, RTF, Text, PDF and HTML files)
  • NAPS – a scanner program working with most scanners and better than most utilities delivered by the manufacturers
  • Beeftext – a shorthand utility. Enter SQ4 and it will automatically replace it by “Square thru 4”. Many Square Dance abbreviations are already entered.
  • SD – A caller’s helper with special parameters
  • Installation and start of following programs
    • SQVIEW (Update and Upgrade)
    • Audacity (to modify music files)
    • AIMP (Music player with many additional functions – including a Tag-Editor
    • Kompozer (a very sophisticated HTML Editor)
    • Webserver (Local with Callerlab definitions in German and English)

Download link: 11 Externsal programs English.mp4