This is a music player I already developed 2005. Since then I permanently worked on it.

The very new idea of this program is to integrate text (lyrics) into the player and let it display the active text-line in sync with the music.

You can read in the history how the program developed.

When I changed to using laptos I searched some time for a solution to display text. Scan and display? I then found a solution to write the text into the mp3 file. It is documented under . There are not many programs that support this standard – at least none that support callers (and I’m aware of it).

So the implementation in “Karaoke for Callers” is mine – but sticks to this standard. The MP3 files I modify can be played in any player. With the help of a program from Crintsoft ( ) it is even possible to show the lyrics (including from the Windows media player).

This video shows all aspects of the program. You will find following content:

  • First time use and the first steps to let the program become alife.
    • Loading single calls into the database
    • Lading Hoedowns into the database
    • Point to directories with SD Vocals, HTML files on the various tabs
  • The player for Singing calls and demonstration of Karaoke
  • Search and sort files (including search in lyrics)
  • The player for Hoedowns
  • Usage of playlists; create modify and use playlists
  • Show HTML on “flying windows”
  • View tips with the tipmaker (reduced version with display only)
  • Generate reports for printing
  • Caller Diary

Download link: 13 Karaoke Player English.mp4