Hello and WELCOME to this website.


This Site has the latest versions of the published definitions by Callerlab together with German Translations:


  • Basic 04 March 2019 (Basic List 01. September 2018)
  • Mainstream 09. March 2019 (Mainstream List 06. March 2019) (including revised definition of Dixie Style)
  • Plus 22. September 2018
  • ARC Decisions 11.12.2017

Using the language Selector on the right hand side you can choose between:

  • ‘The English version. This is copied from the Callerlab site and some colors and text attributes are added. This is NOT an official Callerlab site. However,  I will try to keep the definitions up to date whenever something is changed by Callerlab.
  • The German Version. These are translations. Some of them are also published on the Callerlab site (Basic 1). The other translations have been done by me or I found them on the ECTA homepage.
  • Additional “languages” will follow. On those pages I want to give additional information for dancers and callers. Following are some ideas:
    • References to pages like Taminations (animated calls) or Saddlebrook Square (videos for calls)
    • Own videos explaining calls

Lets see which ideas will work. Perhaps there is some help? If you want to participate in this project please contact me. You find my contact information on top of this page.


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Use the whole site offline

It is possible to have the complete information of this site for Offline usage, i.e to use it on a computer without internet access.


  • You can use it during a club night (without Internet access) to see information about a call
  • You can make your own changes to these pages and experiment with the system


  • The information may NOT refer to any information in the internet directly. For this reason images and videos may not be embedded (e.g. a Youtube video). Instead they must be hosted within this system.

How does this work?

This site is set up with the wordpress system. It is possible to host such a system on a local webserver. I recommend to use a program like the “Uniform server” to be found on  http://www.uniformserver.com/ .

You can download and start it immediately – and you have a webserver! No changes are done to your PC/Laptop. To de-install it you only need to delete all file of the installation folder. Nothing is left behind.

I will copy this site together with the Uniform Server into a Zip-file on regular basis and offer it for download. You can load it and after un-zipping it you have all this information as Offline version.


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