In the North-West of Germany there were several Square Dance Clubs. Just to name a few:

Only in Norden there was a white spot on the square dance map. Hence the idea was to become active here. I contacted the VHS (offering adult evening classes of all kind) and they were willing to include square dance into their program.

And indeed, on the first evening there were enough dancers (remember: you always need at least 8 dancers for a dance). They liked the dancing and we were allowed continue for another 6 months.

Unfortunately, the VHS did not have enough rooms to offer an advanced and a beginner’s class. However, the dancers were keen to continue the class and we were looking for a way to go on. Since some of the participants were members of the Nörder Danzkoppel (a local folk Dance Group), we asked them for help. Their  Executive Board welcomed us with open arms and in september 2001 we became members. Since then we are meeting each Thursday evening at their Club-house in Kastanienalle in Norden.

Everybody who would like to know more about Square Dance can visit us every Thursday. Be sure you are welcome!